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Houdini Tutorial - Procedural Stylized Grass material

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Part01: Grass -
Part02: Pebbles -
Part03: Dirt, cracks -
Part04: Export, baking and final product -

The videos are divided in 4 parts with 13:20h in total, in 1080p with high quality with 6.5gb of video.

With this tutorial I will help you achieve procedural tiling of a stylized material of grass, dirt and pebbles.

I will guide you through the basics for each step.

The core of this tutorial will be:
- procedural modeling through points and curves,
- vertex colors and composition through attributes
- Scattering methods on your meshes,
- Cracking and 3D noises
- Creating digital assets where you can reuse your assets for anything you need later on

You will also be able to understand expressions of code for randomization, vops: which are Houdini nodes that are considered called VEX visual code

Trailer - Houdini Stylized Grass Material