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Procedural Rock Butte - Houdini Tutorial - Gumroad

go through the process of creating a sediment rock butte through procedural methods inside of Houdini:

- Create VOP's for displacement (VEX node based nodes)

- Understand the concepts of VDB (Voxel based surfaces)

- Get to fracture the voxels through random noises

- Apply sediment and cracks through your mesh trough VOP's

- Create a high and low resolution meshes for your game with Uv's

Video contains 1:55h of tutorial and it's 1.54gb of content. Will upload the content files as soon as I finish the tutorial.

This video is intended for intermediate users of SideFX Houdini and was created in Houdini 16+. You need to have the game development toolset of SideFX nodes in order to complete the tutorial.

Rock Butte PART1 trailer - Houdini Procedural Tutorial